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About us

The founder of the workshop is Anna Aragianni.
Always dear to her students, she managed not only to be a successful teacher but also to leave fond memories to her old students whose kids are now our students!
Kelly Panousi, her daughter, has taken the reins since 2001. She has been teaching since 1994, with teaching experience also in the US. She is a BA holder with a major in English and has attended post-graduate courses in Creative Writing and Psychology. She has also attended several seminars on methodology and examination preparation.


As we briefly mentioned before, learning a foreign language is not a simple process. The time when the teacher entered the classroom with a bare book in hand is a picture of the past. The new age requires the student to be as active as the teacher in the classroom, while the second must understand that it is simply the means that will help the student and not a little god who will magically put all the knowledge in the student's head. The children of the new generation are very smart, more mature, with unique queries and various interests. Therefore, the teacher must be able to deal with all of the above, have a wide range of interests, be able to adapt to new situations, be able to cope just as well with different personalities and effectively cover all their needs. Based on this philosophy, in addition to our studies, we take great care to updating our books, to provide audio-visual material (interactive whiteboards), to teach the language through computers, to organize theatrical performances in English, various games in foreign languages. as well as constantly attending seminars that will guide us on how to help our students learn in the most enjoyable, creative and effective way. Our many years of experience and the success of our students may be a qualification, but striving for something better is what we want!

Why choose us?

Because our long experience, our love for languages and our high sense of responsibility has placed us at the top.

Following innovative methods and modern learning multimedia, we design our lessons according to not only the potential of the class, but also the needs and capabilities of each student.

For us, the student-teacher relationship is paramount. In addition to teaching, we make sure we are close to the student, on a counseling basis. Ask our graduates to tell you !

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