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Clean-Up –The- Forest Day!

On Sunday, October 9, 2016, we decided to go clean our mountain, Hymettus.
Of course, we would like to clean its entire surface, but that was impossible! Our small team, although unbelievable, could not clear all the damage our eyes saw on a Sunday morning. However, full of appetite for work and love for our mountain, we managed to collect a lot of garbage, as well as to accumulate all the old wood in one place only.
The reason we collected the wood in one place is for two reasons. The first is because many of our fellow citizens are looking for firewood in the mountains and we think that if they take advantage of the situation, they will help us get rid of the pile of mountains.
The second reason is that now the municipal authority has no excuse to don't go pick up the rubble. The pile is in a place where a vehicle can go!
I have no words to thank those who took part in our voluntary effort, but most of all I am proud of the children, who with so much patience and appetite managed to clean a large part! These six children made us feel very few in front of them!
Well done for:
Vasia, Athena, Angeliki, Theseus, Elias, Henry!

Many thanks:
To Giota, Giorgitsa, Giannis, Alexandros!